Flower market – Bloemenmarkt

Tulips from Amsterdam. Of course Holland is known for its colorful tulips and other flowers. Now it’s time to take a small part of it home. Amsterdam has its own flower market. The only floating flower market in the world. The flower stalls stand on houseboats. You can find all kinds of flower bulbs to take home with you. And not only that, also all kinds of souvenirs, from cheese to wooden shoes, you name it.

If you want to take tulip bulbs home with you and you live outside of Europe, then check before you buy. The bulbs have to be approved for you to take them through customs. That also goes for cheese and other food items. It would be a shame if you bring back your favorite flowers, cheese and waffles with you and you can leave them at customs. So check it out before you buy anything.


4 thoughts on “Flower market – Bloemenmarkt

  1. Yes, almost every weekend (except Mar-May) we’d walk through the market on a saturday or sunday. The market is always bustling and if you can you might get a deal to buy a whole bouquet for just a few euros!

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