Binnenhof Den Haag

Even though Amsterdam is the capital of The Netherlands, their government resides in Den Haag (The Hague). In a huge building complex in the center of the city, with a big square in the center of it, the Binnenhof. The biggest building at the square is named the ‘Ridderzaal’. This building is used for official meetings and events. Every year the King of The Netherlands, King Willem Alexander van Oranje Nassau, reads the ‘Troonrede’ in the ‘Ridderzaal’, the official opening of a new political year. This day is called ‘Prinsjesdag’, the third tuesday in September.

If you walk around the building complex you’ll find the ‘Hofvijver’ with a beautiful view on the building and the little tower, which is the working space of the prime minister. In the winter this water turns into an iceskating area (when it’s cold enough).

Don’t be surprised to see camera crews running after politician. When I was there the first one I just ran into was the prime minister himself, Mark Rutte. In Holland something like that is (still) possible.


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