Binnenhof Den Haag

Even though Amsterdam is the capital of The Netherlands, their government resides in Den Haag (The Hague). In a huge building complex in the center of the city, with a big square in the center of it, the Binnenhof. The biggest building at the square is named the ‘Ridderzaal’. This building is used for official… Continue reading Binnenhof Den Haag

Begijnhof Amsterdam

Something you won’t expect, when you’re walking down the famous shopping street ‘Kalverstraat’. In the middle of the street, near the Amsterdam Museum, you should pay attention. There’s a small entrance to a hidden courtyard and garden, the ‘Begijnhof‘. Actual small houses, formerly occupied by beguines, now home to all kinds of people. They gave… Continue reading Begijnhof Amsterdam

Zaanse schans

A little bit north of Amsterdam is an outdoor museum: de Zaanse Schans. I don’t think it will get more Dutch anywhere else in the world. Everything you think of when you think of Holland is there. Want to learn how to make wooden shoes? Or cheese? Old-fashioned candy? Ever wanted to see those big… Continue reading Zaanse schans

Eating out of the wall

When you’re in Holland, you just have to try this. Eating out of the wall. Fast food in a whole different way. The most difficult thing is to choice what to get. There’s hamburgers and all kind of snacks. Healthy? No, not really, but good. Make sure to have enough coins, because ‘the wall’ doesn’t… Continue reading Eating out of the wall

Flower market – Bloemenmarkt

Tulips from Amsterdam. Of course Holland is known for its colorful tulips and other flowers. Now it’s time to take a small part of it home. Amsterdam has its own flower market. The only floating flower market in the world. The flower stalls stand on houseboats. You can find all kinds of flower bulbs to… Continue reading Flower market – Bloemenmarkt

I am sterdam

For a few years now the city of Amsterdam uses city marketing to make sure the tourists keep coming. When you walk around, you could say it works. Lots of tourists everywhere. Or maybe the city is just a place everybody wants to see, or maybe I should say… experience 🙂 Part of the city… Continue reading I am sterdam